Friday, June 4, 2010

And So it Begins

I never thought I'd be writing a blog, but after traveling several times and trying to keep in contact with family and friends, I find it easier to update friends on a blog rather than sending multiple emails.  Hopefully this method will be a good way to keep in contact with everyone and let people know what I'm up to.  If you feel like leaving comments, go ahead.  Just make sure it's funny or you'll be banned from the site.  I'm still new to this and will probably learn as I go so bear with me.  Also to all the grammar freaks out there, relax and let me not worry about gramar/spelling/puncutation for a little while.  You know who you are.  I'm on a mancation.

The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. Finishing up projects at work and covering all my "to do's" at home have kept me busier than I've ever been. What I've done (quit a great job) and what I'm about to do (venture somewhere as far and as different from home as possible) hasn't really hit me yet. Getting to this point has been a journey in itself. I've worked hard for this opportunity. I've planned, and saved, and scrimped. I've been called various names referring to my "cheapness" over the past few years, but I can't blame those people.  I've had a different set of priorities.  One of those being this trip and I think the sacrifices have and will be worth it.  I've had my mind set on long-term travel for the past 5 years and all those years of eating those damn turkey sandwiches has finally paid off.  Pardon my language if it offends anyone.  This will most likely be a PG-13 rated blog, but I may throw a few random PG-18 comments in from time to time.

So I just realized the title of this blog seems off.  I'm heading west in order to reach my destination, yet the title of this blog is "Eastward Bound".  Apparently the world is round.  Go figure.   Tomorrow I leave for Colorado for a few days and Kailey and I are heading up to Steamboat to camp, fish, and do Coloradoian stuff (I use the term "camp" loosely as I'll be roughing it for the next 4 months...we will most likely be staying in a friend's condo.).  One of the things we have planned is something called the Alpine Slide.  It sounds like it's about the equivalent of an olympic luge, only it happens during the summer and on a concrete track.  I'll admit that after watching this year's olympics, flying down a hill at mach 12 on a thin sheet of wood and 4 rusty wheels sounds a little dodgey.  Because really, who wants to die before they leave for a vacation?

Tonight as I was trying to finish my last minute packing, my dad grabbed me and said, "Son, it's time to do the family toast."  "Family toast?", I thought.  I'm not sure our family has been around long enough to have a designated toast, but I went along with it anyway.  So my dad breaks out the family traditional Wild Turkey of course (I admit we are rednecks, but are of the classy sort).  My friends who know my dad well won't be surprised and I wasn't too surprised either.  So my dad commences pouring shots of luke-warm Wild Turkey into our glasses and our mom, not to be outdone steps up to the plate as well.  This is the stuff that either puts more hair on your chest or makes you hide in the corner and beg for mercy.  Apparently my mom is a true Keels because she took a small, yet burly sip along with us and a great toast it was.  So it's probably time I wrap this up because either 1.) you're eyes are glazed over or 2.) you need to get back to work.  Thanks for reading so far and I'll try to keep this as entertaining a blog as possible.  I'm thinking of coming up with dares that may earn me money along the way. For example, you could bet me $15 that I won't eat dog meat in Vietnam.  This is probably not a good bet for you though because I once ate wet catfood for less.

By the way, the other pictures are of what I'm taking and my backpack.  I just got tired of typing. 



  1. Brian it is wonderful that you've given yourself the opportunity to have this experience! Two summers ago I spent a month between China (talk about varied landscapes) and Japan and it was life changing. I can only imagine how amazing this trip will be for you! Good luck and kudos on realizing a dream :o)

  2. You do have a tiger rag in that backpack, correct? Can't wait to read about your expedition and see the photos along the way.

    Hit up Ko Phi Phi Leh.

    Best of luck!

  3. Of course i brought my tiger rag. Will try and get some good pics with it for ya.

  4. Lets get an update bro...gotta keep the blog up if you want followers. I'm checking it every half hour on the hour?!?

  5. i've been on the move a lot and i think we've finally settled on a place in indonesia for the next few days. a nice left hand point/reef break called medewi. super super long lefts. life here is a bit more relaxed than crazy kuta so i will try and update today or tomorrow.

  6. Go Cocks. Not sure if you knew we won the College World Series. Wish it could have been Clemson vs USC. Maybe the Chicken Curse is dead. Be safe, make friends, and post some photos.